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Umbrella Brokers real estate Agency providing quality services can meet up to any kind of Real Estate transaction.

Succinctly we offer:
  • Contracts and private agreements processing.
  • Law advisement on real estate agreements.
  • Danger and Risk studies.
  • Selling advice on commercial land, buildings and parts of commercial properties.
  • Professional and specialized estimation on each properties’ value.
  • Issuing on both custom and constructional loans.
  • Agreement insurance.
  • Expropriations.
  • We guarantee the quality, reliability and security of all our clients agreements.
  • We offer thorough help during the whole procedure of buying, selling or renting for complete or under construction properties, both for custom or commercial use.
  • Our Agency's main principal is to deal with each of our clients individually, as a unique case each time and to provide absolute confidentiality.